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Interview about Symphonic Chocolates, on Global News

Coverage about Symphonic Chocolates, on France 3


« Composer Maxime Goulet had a delicious idea – to write a musical suite about chocolate, seguing the sounds through signatures that correspond with various types of chocolate. Then he had an even better idea – to let audiences eat those chocolates while listening to the music. Symphonic Chocolates is the Canadian composer’s resulting work, an all-encompassing, multisensory experience that has challenged the idea of a traditional classical music concerts – and maybe even how to eat chocolate. Featuring varying tempos and temperaments, the piece takes audience members on an engaging journey through a lyrical melody resembling the creamy richness of drizzling caramel to an energetic allegro inspired by Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, and its upbeat samba rhythms. In the middle movements, a dissonance in the music reflects the bitterness of dark chocolate, inciting visions of a seductive tango. The musicians then create an auditory sensation of the icy coldness of mint chocolate hitting the tongue – powerful enough to cause a chill to run up one’s spine. The sound, which is high-pitched and metallic, is produced when violinists use effects like a tremolo, a rapid back and forth motion of the bow. »
– The Houston Chron, Lawrence Elizabeth Knox, November 16, 2017

« Not only is this approach unique to a classical concert, but the composer himself is unique to the genre. »
Lancaster Online, September 3rd, 2015

« Gift ideas for 2014: our top 5. For the music fans in your life: the “Symphonic Chocolates” package includes a soundtrack in which each movement corresponds to a fine chocolate. »
– Voir (Newspaper), December 4th, 2014

« A very cool idea and a fun experience! »
Global News, November 14th, 2014

« A new experience on a whole other level! »
CBC, Daybreak Montreal, November 3rd, 2014

« As for the chocolates at the top of the menu, they accompanied the performance of a suite by Maxime Goulet in which the four movements are meant to evoke as many flavours: caramel, dark, mint, and coffee. On stage, the young composer described each piece, sampling a chocolate and inviting those in the audience who had purchased the exquisite little box of four chocolates to do the same. For the chocolates, we score 10 out of 10. For the music: let’s say that in a languorous or South-American style, it succeeds. »
La Presse, May 7th, 2014

« Instead of raising a glass, the audience will be able to enjoy four little chocolates during the performance of this suite in four short movements that, we are told, each evoke a different flavour of chocolate: caramel, dark, mint, and coffee. »
La Presse, May 6th, 2014

« A chocolate tasting at the symphony: Maxime Goulet’s Symphonic Chocolates is a delicious sensory experience. »
CBC, InTune, February 15th, 2014

« Composer Maxime Goulet joined forces with Geneviève Grandbois to create Symphonic Chocolates, four orchestral movements to be listened to while enjoying an assortment of chocolates! The idea, original to say the least, is backed-up by skilful, immediately pleasant, very cinematographic music in the tradition of light classical music. »
Le Devoir, February 14th, 2014

« If you have no desire to go out and you are both music enthusiast and foodie, then composer Maxime Goulet’s packaged CD and chocolate duo could meet all your Valentine’s Day needs. In the comfort of your own home, why not give yourself the Symphonic Chocolates experience, that is to say listen to an orchestral suite in four movements while enjoying a box of Geneviève Grandbois chocolates created specially to complement the symphony. »
Voir (Newspaper), February 6th, 2014

« Around Valentine’s Day, we often tend to associate chocolate with a heart-shaped box of inexpensive treats purchased on sale at the grocery store. Happily, there are initiatives that succeed in restoring the noble pedigree of the sweetest of poisons: Symphonic Chocolates. », February 6th, 2014

« A wild idea that makes classical music more festive. Symphonic Chocolates exudes happiness. »
Radio-Canada, PM, January 27th, 2014

« It’s the mildly insane gamble taken up by chocolatier Geneviève Grandbois and composer Maxime Goulet when they combined their talents to create four musical movements matched with four chocolates specially designed for this audio-gastronomical experience. (…) Worth discovering! »
Voir (Newspaper), January 21st, 2014