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Listen to Symphonic Chocolates

Caramel Chocolate : A long lyrical melody supported by a rich and enveloping sonority.

Dark Chocolate : An intense habanera of desire and seduction, spiced up with a dissonant bitterness.

Mint Chocolate : A delicate freshness with icy cold sonorities.

Coffee-infused Chocolate : An espresso tempo with a Brazilian flavour.

About Symphonic Chocolates

Symphonic Chocolates is the perfect soundtrack for a chocolate tasting: an orchestral suite in four short movements in which each movement evokes a different flavour of chocolate. Experience Symphonic Chocolates in tasting concert with a live orchestra and at home with the box of chocolates disc. Savour four small chocolates while each music of corresponding flavour is being played.

Total duration of the piece: 11 minutes

Instrumentation (available in many versions):
– Version for classical orchestra: 2-2-2-2, 2-2-0-0, 1 perc. (optional), strings
– Version for chamber orchestra: 1-1-1-1, 1-0-0-0, 1 perc. (optional), strings
– Version for wind orchestra
– Version for wind quintet
– Version for string orchestra and piano *
– Version for string orchestra
– Version for string quintet and pinao *
– Version for string quintet
– Version for string quartet
– Version for two violins and piano **
– Version for solo violin and piano *
– Version for solo flute and piano *
– Version for solo clarinet and piano *

* This version is only available for the 4th movement, Coffee-infused Chocolate.
** This version is only available for the 2nd movement, Dark Chocolate

For a free pdf version of the score or to purchase the material for orchestra, contact us.

Symphonic Chocolates was commissioned by the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, as part of a composer residency, for the 25th anniversary of the Brott Music Festival. The piece is dedicated to Ardyth and Boris Brott to thank them for all the artistic support they have given to the composer.

String quartet version

Caramel Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Mint Chocolate

Coffee-infused Chocolate

String orchestra version

Wind quintet version