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« An off-the-wall idea that makes classical music more
festive. Symphonic Chocolates is pure happiness! »
- Patrick Masbourian, PM, Radio-Canada
«The idea, original to say the least, is backed-up by
skilled music, immediately pleasant and very
cinematographic. »
- Christophe Huss, Le Devoir
« Maxime Goulet's Symphonic Chocolates is a work
which should be among the regular repertoire of all
orchestras. It has proved a huge success with musicians
and audience. »
- Boris Brott, conductor
« The audience enthusiastically participated in both
eating and listening and thoroughly enjoyed both,
especially the dark chocolate tango. We were sure we
would be hearing many more works by this talented
young composer in the years to come. »
- Ontario Arts Review
« If you have no desire to go out and you are both music
enthusiast and foodie, composer Maxime Goulet’s
packaged CD and chocolate duo could meet all your
Valentine’s Day needs. »
- Anne-Sophie Carpentier, Voir
« Maxime Goulet combines appealing textures, orchestral
colours and genuine invention in his work Symphonic
Chocolates which unusually adds the sense of taste to
that of sound. »
- Boris Brott, conductor